Know About Shipping Container Maintenance

Shipping containers in UAE are developed to withstand tough marine environments as they are utilized in various forms like loading at the port, transported on trains and trucks and container ships. It is manufactured using steel and consists of stainless steel floors and fittings. These fittings are painted to prevent corrosion and treated to prevent rotting. As it is used regularly and exposed to various tough elements, semi-regular maintenance helps the storage containers to maintain long life and endure in tough conditions.

Container Modification in UAE: Tips To Keep Your Container In The Best Shape

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There are chances for the containers to get damaged when being packed. If it is not packed correctly, it can experience bulges, dents because of other damage or overpacking. When the container gets damaged, it becomes non-compliant with worldwide transportation regulations like the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers), 1972. Thus, they become unsuitable for construction and storage and unsafe for transportation. If the containers are in very bad condition, it is necessary to check, mend and if possible recertify as early as possible.

Companies offering services like container modification in UAE make sure to maintain a long life for storage containers by following the below steps:

  • Utilizing proper loading methods to avoid occurrences of damage in the inner parts of the containers.
  • Maintaining them up to date and appropriate technical conditions.
  • Follow international best steps when loading containers and following IMO/ILO/UNECE strategies while packing cargo transportation units.
Maintenance tips:

One of the foremost and important steps when it comes to maintaining the container is taking care of the shipping container’s roof. In most cases, second-hand containers have a lot of dents since other shipping containers will be loaded on them. Hollows and dents collect rainwater and result in corrosion on fragmented paint. Therefore, it is important to repair all the dents and treat the areas with anti-rust paint to avoid corrosion.

Most shipping container websites suggest that storage containers are manufactured from Cor-Ten steel and they are 100% rust proof. It is not completely true. Cor-Ten Steel is better than other steel because it is corrosion-resistant. However, it is not entirely corrosion proof. It is necessary to treat steel with specialized paint as salty air environments can affect the steel. Look for areas that have been cut, scratched, or dented and ensure rustproof, paint, and seal to enhance the container’s life and durability.

The entire structure of the shipping container looks simple. The door assemblies consist of several moving parts. It has chances of wearing out or damage due to repeated usage. It is necessary to take care to make sure it works appropriately all the time. Cleaning and lubricating the moving parts are necessary for maintaining the storage containers doors in excellent condition.
Remove the entire rust, grit, and dirt from locking bars and door hinges by utilizing a good quality commercial grade cleaner. Grease the locking bars and door hinges to make sure they function correctly. Shipping containers are developed to exist in the completely sealed environment and the doors consist of rubber gasket kind seals. The lifespan of rubber gaskets would be roughly ten years but there are chances for it to get damaged and lose its capacity to lock the door tightly. It is necessary to maintain it clean and replace it when it is worn out or cracked.

The construction of the shipping containers is very strong as it can avoid dirt traps, water, and corrosion. It becomes a little challenging when you slice, combine, stack, and alter in different forms, shapes, and ways. It is important when you use a shipping container as the foundation for the altered container building with windows, doors, and other openings.

It is recommended to set up on a plain, well-drained leveled surface. This way, water would not get collected in a single area, and corrosion can be prevented on the sides and basement.
If you are having a container with a reefer container or refrigerator, it is important to service on an occasional basis.

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