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Creative Shipping Container Conversions in Dubai, UAE

Maybe you want to modify the floors on your shipping container, you want the doors to be painted a specific colour, or even need more windows! We understand that our customer requirements are varied and unique.

At Gulf International Container Trading LLC, with complete synergy, we offer storage container conversion in UAE as well as standard and custom shipping. From mobile offices, container homes, electrical switchrooms to emergency shelters, we offer a wide range of modified shipping containers cabins, and cargo containers here in Dubai, UAE. Constructed out of steel, our shipping containers can be converted for various purposes such as container site, Accommodation, etc., and are mainly perfect for mobile offices and extra storage spaces. We are the leading manufacturer and best supplier of modified container cabins and container modification company in UAE.

Being an ISO Shipping Container Conversion company we offer a wide range of container conversion services in UAE to provide you with a perfectly designed modified unit.

How Our Modified Containers Benefit You?

Tailored to Suit You

We ensure that professional engineers and architects, experienced staff work and assist you with the right type, size, good quality, and right price to customize your container just the way you want it.

Extremely Portable

Our Container modifications are smart and uniquely designed with improved quality that facilitates easy transportation of modified containers units.

Quick Installation

Shipping container customizations with Gulf International Container Trading LLC are a relatively fast process that ensures on-time delivery and much quicker than traditional constructions.

Highly Durable

Our shipping containers are sturdily built with industrial-strength metals and are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions even at sea that suits well for any environment.

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Looking for a modified container to create your home office, or modify a container to suit your needs here in the UAE?
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We have everything you need when it comes to shipping container conversion in UAE. Call us with your specifications and we are ever ready to support you every step of the way!

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Know About Our Other Container Solutions

With an expansive business network across UAE, Gulf International Container Trading LLC is the go-to place for shipping containers in Dubai. Not only do we deal with buying and selling of new containers, we go one step further and help you customize them to be used for other purposes. Fabricated out of high-grade steel, our containers are built to last a lifetime and some more. Our conversion solutions are highly pragmatic and unique. Get it all done at Gulf International and save up on time and money.