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Unable to find a secure solution to leasing or rental containers in Dubai, UAE? Look no further!

At Gulf International Container Trading LLC, we maintain excellent relationships with our clients and provide the absolute best customer service. Our focus lies in our superior quality fleet. This enables us to provide you with versatile, reliable, and secure means of container storage. Reliability is our forte. Whether you lease a brand new container or a used one, we always ensure that the highest quality ethical standards are met. You will be able to hire our equipment at extremely attractive prices and with high levels of flexibility.

Your security matters to us. All our steel containers are supplied with a secure padlock to ensure your items are safe and secure. Our extensive network in the South East and London ensures that our containers and available for immediate reliable and secure delivery to meet both regional and Global Container requirements.

Extensive Shipping Container Leasing Models

Our standard steel containers can be obtained in the following ranges in the UAE

* Can Be Customized To Sizes Of Your Choice

We also offer a 9ft 6in high cube for those looking for that extra height. At Gulf International Container Trading LLC, with evolving technology, we always strive to offer Custom – Tailored container solutions on lease to suit all your business storage and shipping needs.

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Efficient Container Rental Standards

Our shipping containers go through the most stringent quality control procedures. They are inspected after every lease and are maintained exceptionally well at all times. We have some of the best certified dry and reefer repair technicians that carry out all the necessary inspection and, if needed, repairs as well on our entire lease fleet.

Gulf International Container Trading LLC being a Fast-growing Independent Shipping Container leasing Companies always committed to providing you with the right kind of Equipment where and When you need it. We offer a variety of container rentals, handling, and trucking as packages all throughout UAE. Our containers have a minimum lease period of 30 days.
custom shipping container built with glass walls by gulf containers dubai

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Setting incomparable benchmarks of excellence, Gulf International Container Trading LLC, has become a prominent and trustworthy name for shipping containers in the UAE. We deal with the A to Z of your shipping container requirements. Our containers are built with compliance to the highest manufacturing standards with absolutely no compromise on quality. We also specialize in fabricating containers to suit our customer’s requirements. At Gulf International, Dubai we handle all the container leasing complexities with professional ease and see that it works at your convenience. We diligently stick to IICL standards and certifications of seaworthiness to make the containers unquestionably reliable.