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The best thing about a shipping container is that it can be recycled and reused in more than a dozen ways once it loses its seaworthiness. The trend of using containers to build homes is catching on fast.
Containers are fulfilling the cherished dream of owning a home for many who cannot afford to buy or build a proper concrete house. Not only that, but containers are also the preferred choice of the rich who want to have something different. And this is literally the “out-of-the-box” idea!

Before we delve into the features of shipping container homes, we will list out the points why these homes are so much in trend:
Affordability: This is perhaps the biggest reason for this trend picking up pace. Buying land and building a house or buying an apartment might not suit everyone’s pocket.
Easy construction: It is very easy to convert a container into a cozy-looking home because the basic structure is ready for use.
Quick construction: On average, a shipping container home is done and ready for use in a maximum of 4-6 months.
Environment friendly: Reusing a shipping container as a house saves all that steel from ending up as scrap and going to waste in landfills.

Unique features of container homes

Here are some amazing features that contribute to the popularity of container homes.

A Great DIY Project

Container homes are perfect for those who love to show their skills with DIY projects. For those who are adept with carpentry and building, container homes are a great opportunity to make use of those skills and amaze people with your handiwork. As a DIY project, it also saves the extra expense of hiring plumbers, electricians, and other handymen.

Sustainable Homes

Container homes allow for the easy installation of solar-powered panels that can be used for electricity. Rain-water harvesting can also be done and the water can be used for many purposes. Large double-glazed windows will let in the sunshine that will both heat and light up the place.

Adding Extensions

More than one container can be used to build the extensions of your home. They can easily be modified and fitted to go with the main structure. Besides, porches, patios, and verandahs can also be beautifully constructed around the house to make it look big and more like a real house.

A Place To Showcase Creativity

Just like any other home, a container home gives you enough scope to let your imagination run wild. With a bit of creativity and innovation, these simple structures can effectively be turned into a cozy dwelling that will become the talk of the town.

No Hard And Fast Rules Of Construction

There is no rule that says your container home must be only rectangular in shape because that is how the container is. Container homes in Dubai are showing how one can get creative with the designs. Containers can be sliced up, fused, and modified to make more room that will be ideal for a living room or master bedroom. Stacking up containers is one of the latest trends. Just like how they are stacked in a ship, they are stacked on land and they are modified to become livable homes.

Unique Building Material

It is not every day that one can build a homemade super-strong steel. Breaking away from the norms of using brick, mortar, and concrete, the container provides the unique option of living inside a steel structure. People might be sceptical about the risk of rust setting in over a long period of time. But just like any other house, container homes can last a lifetime with regular maintenance and repair.

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