Storage Container Renting Tips

converted container cafe restaurant in dubaiShipping containers are used by businesses and large corporations to import raw materials or export products. Some companies may require storage containers to store a huge amount of materials in the premises. These containers are also known as CONEX box or ISO containers. Businesses don’t invest in owning these big boxes as it might become a liability in terms of space and material. Instead, most of them rent it. It is quite affordable and convenient to rent storage containers for a fixed period of time. Even when it is just a rental, you need to invest that money carefully. There are several things you need to consider when you rent a storage container.

Things To Consider In Container Rental

Before making any container rental, ensure that you need a permit. You need to enquire if you require a temporary use permit in the city you operate as it is not going to be a permanent property on your premises. A permit will come with rules that you need to abide by when you rent. It is stricter in cities close to residential areas than in rural areas. A few important points that affect the cost of rental are

entrance of modified shipping container

Quality And Features

Designed and patented in 1956 by Malcolm McClean, the shipping container has come a long way, literally and figuratively. Nothing else has succeeded in displacing or replacing the shipping container. Till date, it is the only choice to store and transport cargo across the oceans and seas.

Even on land, containers have established a stronghold over the other choices for transporting goods. So many things have changed since shipping containers became popular. Goods are safe from damage and pilferage during transit. It has optimized the space usage on ships. It also provides a means of good income for companies.

Inspect the quality of the container before renting. Inspect for dust, holes, dent, rust, and amount of chemicals used. Not all containers are made the same. Shipping containers are graded based on ISO standards that determine the condition, miles traveled, and the age of the container. For long term rentals, you need to ascertain the history of the container. Like it is important that the container is refurbished and repaired from time to time. If you are not aware of how to inspect, you can hire an inspector who is qualified to test the container. You can request pictures of the container from all angles if you are not able to personally inspect the shipping container in UAE.

Storage container rental services in UAEContainer rentals come with a lot of add on features. Some of these features may come with additional fees. The most common features include a premium locking mechanism, storage office combo, and doors. A mobile office cum storage is a popular customized feature. It is mostly a storage container converted into an office. This is popular in the construction industry where the ground level is converted into office and storage space. Another customization option is the door. Suppliers offer single or double entry doors, rollup, or open/shut doors. Depending on the requirement you can customize the door. Doors can be fixed with premium locking or customized premium locking features. Premium locking with Vimeo with a key that will unlock the internal mechanism.

Container Conversion In UAE

Container conversion in UAE depends on the requirement and the amount of customization your storage container requires. You must speak to multiple suppliers before deciding to go with one. Understand the level of service they provide and the flexibility to change the contract. Ensure if they are open to maintenance and to what level. Also, find if there is any waiver in case of theft and damage. Ensure there is enough notice period before terminating the contract. Suppliers need to deliver the container within a stipulated time and they should also agree upon a fixed time to remove the container.

You needed to prepare your premise before the delivery of the storage container. If your site is flat, it requires no prepping and can be used as-is. Basic leveling is required if your site is muddy, rocky or hilly. You can either do it yourself or with assistance. Some suppliers offer site leveling assistance for an additional charge. Ensure if this can be availed within your budget.