Things To Consider While Renting Commercial Shipping Container

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Shipping containers in UAE are the best option to transfer and store huge amounts of raw materials, finished goods, and equipment. Construction companies use it to make offices and toilet facilities. There are different types of commercial containers and one needs to assess the needs before renting. It is a tough process to hire a commercial shipping container. So, you might as well do it right the very first time. Storage business comes with a lot of challenges in terms of container rental services. There are several companies that have containers for sale in UAE. Based on the business and its requirement you either buy or rent a shipping container that suits your budget. If you are a first-timer in dealing with business, you may have to know a few basic things in mind before signing the contract.

What do You need To Know Before Renting Commercial Containers?

Commercial container rental services in UAE are based on each supplier. You must ensure that the service matches your requirement. Every container will come with specific features and add ons. The location of your supplier is quite important as it might affect the delivery charges. Some suppliers have discounts based on the term of the contract. Before deciding on a commercial shipping company, find out if they have the right container for you. The rental that you pay is based on the size and features of the container. Also, the suppliers have different rates for the long term, short term contracts, and month to month contracts. Short term contracts will be more expensive. Certain container companies will provide the only month to month contracts that will fetch you a better rate.

Container companies will require your identification documents before signing on the rental agreement. You will have to provide a government-issued, valid identification documents like driver’s license, passport, and other identification proof you may have. Before renting you may have to sign a rental agreement or contract.

Packing Stuffs Into The Commercial Container

Commercial containers have high ceilings. Some suppliers provide you with trucks and cranes to offload items into a container. Companies require containers to store and transport huge items. If these are quite heavy, they will have to be crane lifted and placed appropriately in the container. For lightweight stuff, have stackable bins all the way to the top and arrange. Stack up without leaving any empty space. You need to have a better way to unload stuff. So, leave an aisle to walk into the storage space.

Commercial containers are used to store machinery, equipment, business goods, and more. In case you have to store hazardous, combustible, or flammable items, you need to ensure if the container is designed to meet this purpose. Also, plants, animals, and food items attract bugs which may disrupt the safety of other stuff in the container. It is good to avoid them. Using commercial containers as office space requires remodeling of the standard container. If it is for living or working, ensure that the contract supports the clause. Else, it will become illegal.

It is not easy to transfer such huge containers around. Container rental services should have delivery and pick up to transfer the containers to the site and back. This will entail an additional charge. This service will relieve you of the headache of a rental truck that can transfer the container. You will require heavy-duty, huge trucks to transfer containers around. Also, cranes are required to place huge containers into ships and trains. If the container is storing perishables, ensure the unit is climate controlled. Climate controlled units will maintain temperatures and humidity to a certain level. Such containers are quite expensive but worth it if you do not want the items to be damaged.

Securing Contents In Commercial Containers

The storage company is not responsible for the contents in the container. The company will not pay for any kind of loss of content. But, they do provide you with options to secure your container. There are doors available with locks and video monitoring. You can have in-person surveillance and security gates to help you secure the content in the containers.

You can take all the security measures and still, theft can happen. To safeguard your interest against thefts, you need to get the insurance that is offered by the storage company. It can be included at no additional cost. You need to get insurance before placing the contents in the storage unit. When theft happens, you need to place a claim to reclaim the cost of the content. This will go under lots of scrutinies. Officers will need to assess the content, its cost, and how the theft happens. If there is any negligence by the company, like a door, left unlocked, or an open gate. In such cases, you may not be liable for a reclaim.

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