Why Should Containers Be Cleaned Before Use?

Shipping containers are hardy, international travellers. Before a container runs out of use, it would’ve carried a whole range of cargo that can be as harmless as children’s soft toys or hazardous as fertilizers or pesticides. Before we analyze how to clean shipping containers, let’s first determine why they require cleaning and maintenance.

  • As they travel, containers are subjected to harsh weather elements on the seas. They come into contact with allergy-inducing pollen, harmful liquids, and materials.
  • Containers are handled by many people during the loading and unloading process. Some of them might be carriers of contagious pathogens.
  • Not all container yards are clean and safe. There is always the risk of rodents getting into open containers and contaminating them.
  • Dirty containers will foster the growth of harmful fungi, bacteria, and mold and they can be very harmful to the crew that comes into contact with them during the loading and unloading of cargo.
20 feet reefer white shipping container

Shipping Containers in Dubai: How To Clean Them

Cleaning a freight container is done in several steps:

Gulf International is a leading company that deals with container repair in Dubai. We recommend an exterior and interior coating of paint to further strengthen the body of the container.

Quick Tips For Container Cleaning In Dubai

Shipping container conversion with glass windows
  • Containers can come loaded with sophisticated auto parts or loads of recyclable garbage. Smelly containers are very unpleasant to work with. An easy way to get rid of the stench is to use cheap ground coffee. Spread it evenly on the floor of a freshly cleaned container and keep it closed for a day. The coffee granules absorb all the unwanted stench and leave the container smelling good.
  • Mold occurs when there is condensation inside the container. Gulf International, the top-notch company for container modification in Dubai, recommends proper ventilation and insulation to prevent mold from growing inside the container.
  • Use the right material to package the goods that go into the container. Wooden pallets, cardboard, and cartons can all contribute to moisture release that will make the environment conducive for mold growth.

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