Importance Of Shipping Container Leasing

Shipping containers are a great investment. Today, they carry about 90% of manufactured goods across seas and land to various parts of the world. It is vital to know the details about shipping container leasing options and procedures. This information is for container leasing companies in Dubai and around the world, and for those who are looking for containers to ship their cargo.

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Shipping container leasing is very much renting out an apartment or house. Here, the company that owns the containers rents it or leases it out to companies in need, generating annual or monthly income.

Not all big companies own shipping containers. Hence, they lease containers to transport their cargo across the world. The companies that have their own fleet of containers prefer to have a blend of owned and leased containers for their use. Leasing assures the availability of containers as and when they are required.

Important Container Leasing Options

Why Are Containers Leased By Shipping Companies in Dubai?

The answer to this is simple.

  • Companies lease containers to maintain their balance sheet and keep the supply chain flexible.
  • This flexibility is crucial because it allows those in the shipping line to have easy access to containers in specific locations.
  • With the availability of containers, adjustments can be made as per the surge of demand.
  • Demand pushes the utilization rate of containers which converts to more income.
  • If the utilization rate drops, it will lead to idle containers sitting in various locations and additional depot charges.

How Does Leasing Work For The Company That Owns The Containers?

The market for freight containers fluctuates with the season and demand. There is never a year-round necessity for companies to make use of containers. Christmas and holiday season drives the demand for goods, which in turn drives the demand for manufacturers to put their cargo into containers and get it out on the store shelves.

The global economy also dictates the demand for containers. Hence, there are many challenges for the company that owns the containers.

  • When business is slow, depots will charge for all the containers that are sitting idle.
  • Idle containers are exposed to weather conditions and are more prone to rust and depreciation.
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When containers are leased, they are on the move and they can be used anywhere and be a source of income for the company.

Container Leasing Companies in Dubai

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