Owning Vs Leasing Containers: The Big Debate

Designed and patented in 1956 by Malcolm McClean, the shipping container has come a long way, literally and figuratively. Nothing else has succeeded in displacing or replacing the shipping container. Till date, it is the only choice to store and transport cargo across the oceans and seas.

Even on land, containers have established a stronghold over the other choices for transporting goods. So many things have changed since shipping containers became popular. Goods are safe from damage and pilferage during transit. It has optimized the space usage on ships. It also provides a means of good income for companies.

Container Leasing in UAEWhen businesses become dependent on containers, there is always a debate about Buying Vs Leasing. While a few companies take the plunge and invest money in buying their own containers, the wiser majority will opt for leasing them.

We say it is a wise decision because there are more pros than cons. In this article, we aim to give you a clear idea of why leasing a shipping container is better than buying one.

Why Container Leasing Is A Better Option In Dubai

Storing surplus factory goods

There are many manufacturing companies that make goods in surplus in anticipation of a sudden surge in consumer demand. It is an economically calculated move to manufacture goods in large batches and store them until they are required. Apart from warehouses, shipping containers are the next best choice because they provide the same degree of safety. So companies lease them and make use of them as temporary storage units.

For a trial run

Some companies like to test the waters before they can take the plunge. With money being a precious commodity, companies will be cautious about buying shipping containers. They will first have to analyze if it will actually be beneficial to use a shipping container for their business. Leasing makes this process easy.

Storage container rental services in UAEFor temporary storage purposes

Leasing a container seems a wise option under certain circumstances when there is a need for temporary storage space.

  • Goods that have gone out of season need space to be safely stored until the demand for them returns.
  • Companies might be relocating offices or undergoing renovations. Temporary space for storage becomes an inevitable choice.

Leasing a container and using the space for that specific time makes more sense in such circumstances.

Easy disposal after use

Any object loses its face value when it is put out for resale. And shipping containers are no exception. If the container is in bad shape, it will further decrease the value and the container might not have many takers. There are many companies that make the leasing process easy. So once the work is done, the container just has to be returned.

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Short-term projects

Container home interiorLeasing is the most viable option for businesses dealing with short-term projects. Once the project is done, the container can be returned to the leasing company. This is a win-win situation for both companies.

Temporary homes
Containers can be leased for various purposes. They can serve as temporary shelters, offices, and dormitories. Containers come in handy when there are unfortunate natural disasters.

Availability of containers

Shipping companies opt for leasing because it ensures the availability of containers as and when required. Some companies will have a blend of own and leased containers. Leasing allows them to reposition their containers at various destinations and use them for their own purposes. This cuts down the cost of repositioning their own containers.

Flexible leasing options

There are 3 types of leasing agreements: Short-term, long-term, and Master lease. Each one has terms and conditions that suit various purposes and various companies.

Economic rationale
Overseas commerce can fluctuate with the rise and fall of demands. When the economy is volatile, it will be difficult for shipping companies to optimize the containers they own. But with many leasing companies available, the overall container capacity can be increased. This will sort out the fluctuations, making it easy to meet the demands of containers.

Container Leasing Companies In Dubai

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