The 101 On Container Maintenance and Repair

When you are looking for a container for sale in UAE, there is one thing you should make sure of – checking what type of repair does it need. Shipping containers take long voyages overseas, exposing them to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, no matter how robust they are, they do tend to get a dent here and there. Evaluating what repairs the container needs and getting them done will make sure that it lasts for a long time. Here, are some repairs that help in extending the life of a container, followed by a few maintenance tips.

Paint And Prevent Rust In Converted Containers In UAE

modified container building with furnitures

All shipping containers are made of steel and steel does rust. That said, rusting can be prevented easily through paint. So, when you are looking for a shipping container for sale, make sure it is painted with an industrial alkyd enamel. The paint, which is readily available and costs as much as regular paint, gives the container a nice shine. It can last for as much as a decade if the converted container is fixed to one location.

How to paint the container? First, give the shipping container a good wash to get rid of all dirt and oils. Then, remove any rust spots that the container has by grinding them off. If it has any branding, logo, or shipping line stickers, remove them too at this point. Now the container is prepped. Use a spray or roller to apply the paint.

Make sure to paint the roof:
Most people only paint the four sides of the container and forget about the roof. But it is the ceiling that gets the most moisture, therefore more prone to problems like rust. It is highly advised to paint the roof too to prevent any rusting. You can even apply home roofing tar to the ceiling!

Repairing Holes And Seals In The Container

Two more fixes the best companies offering container repair in UAE advice on are plugging holes and replacing door seals. Both allow sun, wind, and water inside the container and spoil your things, making repairing a must.
For holes, if the gaps are small, like in pinholes, the best strategy is to weld them shut. If you have bigger holes in the shipping container then, you will need steel sheets to repair it. This step is not DIY because it necessitates working with tools, cutting, and then welding. For this, it is best to call in a container repair company.

For door seals, the repair is simpler. You can simply buy seal kits that fit like a glove on the door, remove the old broken seal, and install the new one. Proper door seals make sure that the doors fasten correctly. You may also need a new lock-rod, as they tend to bend or break. These can also be replaced but the best people to do so is a container repair company in UAE.

Maintaining A Container In The UAE

Repairing your shipping container in UAE once and then assuming that it will last for years is egregious. It takes regular inspection and maintenance to make sure that the container remains sturdy and robust.

  • Check for issues twice a year. If possible, make it more.
  • Repaint it once in a while, to give it aesthetic appeal, and thwart any corrosion.
  • Don’t wait for a problem to become major to get it repaired. Take care of it right when it starts.
  • Always evaluate the floor when you are inspecting the container. All shipping container floors need some measure of repair at least once in their lifetime.
  • Keep an eye out for rust not just on the walls, but also on the doors and the roofs. If you see even a spot of rust, get it removed immediately to stop the spread.
  • Make sure that the doors of the container fit firmly and close completely. If not, repair the seals as mentioned above.
entrance of modified shipping container

As a container for sale in UAE companies that has supplied tons of shipping containers, we leave you with one final and indispensable piece of recommendation. The repairs and maintenance tips elucidated here do not solve every problem. They cover the most recurring issues with containers, but there can be others too.

If you are unsure about whether your converted shipping containers need a thorough check-up or if it requires repair, then get in touch with us. As experts, we can walk you through the necessary phases and where needed, step in to fix any problems with your container.