Types Of Container Repair In Dubai Is The Most Common!

When you picture shipping container in Dubai, you imagine a metal box that is almost indestructibly robust. Although there is a grain of truth to that image, shipping containers do suffer from a lot of knocks and hard living. The constant wear and tear mean even these very solid metal boxes are not impervious to damage.

That’s what we discover in this post. What are some of the repairs that converted shipping containers may need from time to time? While repair is very much possible, we advise all our Dubai clients to do preventative maintenance. Inspecting the container regularly and performing touch-ups ensures that it doesn’t require extensive repair!

Taking Care Of Rust In Shipping Containers In Dubai

Shipping containers come with protective paintwork, but with time it takes knocks, making the container prone to rust because the base material is steel. Even a small dent from a forklift can cause enough chipping of the paintwork to let rust develop. When left unrepaired, rust can spread beneath the paint because all it needs is a starting point.

Shipping containers can also get rusted due to damage sustained during transit. Moreover, there are some parts of the container that are more likely to rust, such as the seams and the welding points, the bottom end of doors, and container sides near the ground. In addition, an old container that has spent years on the sea will more readily get patches of rust.

Thankfully, most times, it is merely surface rust. To repair the shipping container, you need to:
  • Remove any flaking paint and rust through sandblasting.
  • Prime the container.
  • Repaint the container.
converted shipping container with pass through window

When the rust runs deep, it has to be cut out from the shipping container and a new steel sheet welded in its place. You can even patch holes in the container with fiberglass reinforced polyester that hardens to the strength of metal when exposed to UV light.

Container Repair In Dubai For Damaged Floor

Another common container repair in Dubai, we perform, is a damaged floor. Shipping containers have an inch-thick marine grade plywood floor. They are durable, but the constant punishment container floors endure does damage them. The continual movement of machines or other loads and foot traffic leads to wear and tear of the plywood:

  • They could get gouged due to pressure.
  • They could get scrapped due to weight.
  • They could be water damaged if the container is not sealed correctly.

To repair the floor of a converted container, you need only replace it. The repair is not very heavy on the pocket, and it gives the entire container a brand new look. The only consideration to take is that all seals are thoroughly inspected if the floor has sustained water damage. Any water leak (think rainwater seeping in) will rot the floor all over again. So, all leaks should be patched along with repairing the floor.

Giving The Container A New Paint

The third most common repair in container conversion in Dubai is a fresh coat of paint to give it a better aesthetic appeal. Generally, this repair step takes place after all other issues with the shipping container have been taken care of. New paint not only makes the container better to look at but also adds a secondary layer of protection – something that is much-needed in Dubai. Furthermore, since sea containers are used by companies to ship material, they contain logos and taglines. The paint ensures that all branding is covered up!

We recommend giving the shipping container a new look from the inside too. Never limit the paintwork to the exteriors of the container. The interior walls should also be painted to make your vision of the converted container into reality. These were the common container repairs in Dubai.

One more repair that is often done is to the door. Shipping container doors tend to see the most damage because they are frequently used. Plus, the sea air can make them warped, making it near impossible to close them properly. There are two ways to correct the issue.

One, to simply replace the door seals and make any other minor repairs on the door. Two, to completely replace the doors with new ones. If you are installing new doors, you can either pick inexpensive, second-hand options or customized doors. Taking care of a shipping container to convert it into an office, home, or shop is not hard. All it takes is diligence and quick repair of any issue that crops up. When you have a well taken care of container, it lasts for decades.