Taking Care Of Shipping Containers In Dubai

Shipping containers have proved that they are way more useful than just holding cargo that has to be taken overseas. People have found innovative ways to make use of shipping containers. A well-maintained freight container can find numerous uses on land after it completes its services on the sea.

Shipping containers are being converted into offices, swimming pools, outdoor cabins, and even houses. But all this depends on whether the container is in good shape or not. What’s not in prime shape will only end up as scrap. Regular repair and maintenance are imperative to make the shipping container worth all the investment.

Common Repairs On Shipping Containers

Cargo containers look extremely tough with their massive structure. They are built to last a lifetime, yet they are not impervious to the elements of weather and the environment. What are the common damages that occur in a container?

  • Extreme exposure to seawater causes rust.
  • Improper ventilation causes condensation which promotes the growth of mold and fungi.
  • Excessive usage causes wear and tear to the parts of the door.
  • Mechanism failures in refrigerated containers.
  • Dents and cracks on the walls.
  • Peeling and flaking of protective paint.

Tips For Container Repair Service In Dubai

Let us go through some repair techniques that will help to extend the lifespan of shipping containers.

shelving units installed by Gulf containers in container homes

Keeping it rust-free

When rust sets it, it can quickly deteriorate the condition of the container. After all, they are made of steel, and constant exposure to the weather elements will definitely make them prone to rust. Besides, consistent wear and tear also rip off the paint which only exposes them more to rusting. There are many parts of the container that are prone to rust:

  • The welds
  • Seams
  • Doors
  • Locks
  • The bottom part of the container that is close to the ground.

How do we get rid of rust?

  • Using waterproof or water-resistant paint for the container.
  • Scrubbing it off with a wire brush and some vinegar.
  • Treating it as soon as the rust appears.
  • Giving a coating of primer paint before the outer paint is applied.

Problems with doors and hinges

The doors of a container are subjected to the worst wear and tear because they are opened and closed a million times when the container is in use. The hinges start wearing off and they can eventually fall off or snap. A container is deemed useless if the door isn’t strong enough.

What can be done to make container doors last long?

  • There should be an equal distribution of weight inside the container.
  • Goods must be stacked strategically to facilitate the easy opening and closing of doors.
  • Never force them open.
  • Do not leave unused container doors open under windy conditions.
container shop installed with main door

Maintaining the flooring of the container

The floor of the container handles all the bulk of the cargo. When one container is stacked on top of the other, it is the combined sturdiness of the floors that keep them from sliding and toppling off.

The floor itself is made of two parts: a bottom layer made of steel for extra support and a top layer of marine-grade plywood. This plywood needs regular care and should be immediately replaced if it gets damaged because it keeps the container waterproof and insect-proof.

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